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MMPS is a miniature painting service that aims to provide its customers with well-painted wargame figures at reasonable prices. Based in Cebu City,  Philippines,  MMPS was founded by painter and gamer Fons.

When he decided to move back to Belgium with his family earlier this year,  Fons turned operations over to the Makati Marauders,  a gaming club dedicated to wargaming and board games. We've since been working with him to ensure a smooth transition,  to make sure that we can still deliver the same great quality of service that he gave his customers. We'll be making a few changes to the process,  so we'll start slow at first and simplify our selection,  and slowly grow in different directions. 

Thanks to Fons for all his help,  and for cultivating a great group of dedicated painters. He's set a high bar,  but the Marauders will do their best to shoot for that high standard.

We have great plans underway,  and we hope that you, our customers,  can be there with us,  as this is going to be a very exciting time for MMPS.

Fortes fortuna iuvat!